Why do I blog about a soap opera?-the reason behind Cachito de cielo reviews

Today a friend told me that she didn’t understand why I blog about a soap opera, so I decided to clarify my reason behind the soap opera reviews just in case you were wondering, but afraid to ask.

There are many methods of learning a foreign language by watching soap operas. You can watch the soap opera and if you have difficulty understanding something then you can watch it again. This is why it is best to watch recordings of the soap operas. I used to watch the soap operas on closed captioned so if I missed what someone said I could read it at the bottom of my screen. Another option is to buy the soap opera series and watch it with the subtitles. If there’s a word that you don’t know, then you can turn it into a flash card with Anki. Then, you can study the flash cards. Here’s a blog about an extremely time consuming way to learn Spanish with soap operas, but you’d learn a lot of information on your own terms. http://howlearnspanish.com/2010/11/the-telenovela-method/

I enjoy watching the soap operas and blogging about them as my telenovela method. I usually watch the day’s episode on Univision. Then, I watch the episode that is next for me to review. It takes a couple of hours for me to take notes on what I watch. Finally, I blog about the highlights of the soap opera or a theme from that episode. It has helped me practice listening to Spanish more than watching it with closed captioned. While I am writing my review, if something doesn’t make sense, then it proves that I don’t fully understand what I watched and need to watch it again. But, when I watched it on closed captioned, I had a tendency of tuning out what I was watching. I know this sounds odd from someone who likes learning Spanish. It is true. I’d think about everything except what I was watching. I couldn’t tell you what I just watched because I wasn’t paying attention. It wasn’t necessarily due to the language barrier. Writing the reviews forces me to pay attention.

If you are learning Spanish, then you can watch the soap opera and have some idea of what you are watching. If I miss something, then you are more than welcome to let me know. These reviews are also helpful if you are learning English and want to improve your vocabulary.

Do you learn a language by watching television and/or movies? What method works best for you?


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